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Jacques Lirette

Senior Director, Executive Services
Jacques is responsible for delivering Information Technology Research and Data-Driven programs that unlock client potential. Jacques provides Information Technology Leaders with insight and guidance on using Info-Tech Research tools and services for improved IT performance and business relevance.
Jacques has been on both sides of the CIO desk, first as a CIO responsible for a large healthcare organization and on the commercial side working for IT firms offering enterprise solutions and infrastructure as a service. This unique experience enables Jacques to better understand the pressures of IT leadership and the needs of the vendor community.
Jacques comes to ITRG with real-world IT Executive leadership experience that is 30 years in the making with a variety of IT leadership roles. Jacques has been an IT Consultant, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Software Sales Director and Vice President of Product Strategy for an Internet of Things start-up.
Jacques experience details are available on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacques-lirette-47955320/